Electronic Design

Shocking Jacket Shocks Attackers

Women who feel the need for physical protection can put on the No-Contact Jacket. Attackers who grab women wearing this defensive apparel will get hit with 80,000 V of painful, disorienting, yet nonlethal electricity. Wearers activate the defensive system via a key inserted into a lock in the jacket's cuff. If the wearer is threatened, she presses one of the switches that are cradled in her hand to discharge the current. The electricity invisibly passes through conductive pathways just below the jacket's outer layer. Visible and audible electric arcs appear between two seams in the jacket's upper right shoulder. The jacket's outer shell is made from a teflon-coated waterproof supplex nylon. Its interior uses a unique electrically insulated rubber layer to protect the wearer from the shock. Power only requires a typical 9-V alkaline battery. For more details, see www.no-contact.com.

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