Sixteenth betters eighth brick thermal performance

Powersolve is offering TDK’s Belleta iSA series of single output, 25A sixteenth brick DC/DC converters designed for applications where power output, size and thermal considerations are key.

The iSA series converters are industry standard size (33 x 22.9 x 12.7mm), 78W constant switching frequency sixteenth brick modules with efficiency levels greater than 90%. Powersolve says that thanks to an improved thermal design, the iSA series modules perform better thermally than many eighth brick designs, although the footprint is 44% smaller. Insulation voltage is 1500VDC and insulation spacing are apparently sufficient to meet most commercial requirements.

The iSA series incorporate standard features include remote sense, remote on/off, output voltage adjustment and auto recovering from over voltage, over current, over temperature and output short circuit.

The modules come with 3.68mm thru-hole pins, but can be specified with 2.79 or 5.08mm pins as options.

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