Small But Powerfully Formed

Samsung has created a very small, low-power multimedia memory card (MMC) for mobile phones. The MMCmicro memory card has been designed to overcome a major hurdle in cell phone design — achieving high performance with a low-power, removable memory card, now smaller than the size of a thumbnail.

With dimensions of 12 x 14 x 1.1mm, Samsung's device is one-third the size of most reduced-size multimedia cards (RS-MMC). Each card can operate on 1.8 or 3.3V of power. The card can read at 10MB/sec and write at 7MB/sec, and a 128MB version can store about 60 5megapixel digital photographs or nearly one hour of QVGA-resolution video.

The card can be erased and reused at least 100,000 times and offers an operating speed between card and system of 26MB/sec.

TAGS: Mobile
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