Tiny 350W power supply features flexible mechanical architecture

XP Power added to its range of ac/dc power supplies with the launch of the MFA350. Claimed to be the world's smallest 350W power supply, the base platform achieves 11.2W per cubic inch power density.

The product is designed for telecom and datacom applications like storage area networks, data networking and post-production broadcast equipment. Its design facilitates numerous packaging and power options, including a hot-swap version.

The base product delivers 364 W across the entire input range of 90-264 Vac from an 81mm x 173mm x 38mm (3.2in x 6.8in x 1.5in) U-bracket package. It is available in 12, 24 and 48 Vdc output versions. The MFA350 includes a 12V, 1A fan supply and a 5V, 0.3A standby supply. Despite its small size, it offers a fully-featured signal set including ac fail, dc OK, remote on/off, active current sharing and remote sense. The unit will function at full power from -10°C to +50°C, and will operate at up to +70°C with derating. The MFA350 is 89% efficient, so only 13CFM airflow is needed for full output power. This has been achieved through the optimisation of proven technology, which includes the use of silicon-carbide diodes to increase efficiency, lower noise, and reduce component count.

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