Web site touts analogue semi samples

Paris, France:
The Analog2go.com website, launched by Anglia and Microchip, allows customers to find and source samples from Microchip's range of analogue semiconductor products. The samples will be supplied from Anglia's stock in its United Kingdom warehouse. The Web site includes a selection guide and an online ordering facility. Most requests will be fulfilled within 24 hours, claims Anglia.

A high level of support from Anglia's technical team will back up the site's sampling service. The team can assist with reference designs as well as offer help with specific design problems.

This turnkey approach will be of particular benefit in the area of power consumption. In many cases, it's possible to optimise the power performance simply by means of the power-management circuitry, rather than change to a lower-power-specification microcontroller. Redesigning the analogue circuit requires far less development time and resources than does changing the micro, says Anglia.

TAGS: Microchip
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