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Brisbane, CA

Brisbane, CA-Slanted package mounting is a new Flash component mounting technology developed by Hitachi Semiconductor Inc. and Hitachi ULSI Systems Co. that is designed to allow Flash card densities to approach hard disk capacities. The new technology provides a means of increasing the storage capacity of Flash cards four-fold, paving the way for the use of the devices in next-generation applications, such as high-resolution digital cameras, handheld computers, and industrial manufacturing equipment. The technology uses ultra-thin Tape Carrier Package (TCP) Flash components arranged in an angled configuration, as opposed to traditional TSOP stacking methods that employ a flat orientation. This allows the firm to quadruple the memory densities of its Flash cards by fitting four times the memory within the same space on the card. Capable of fitting 40 TCP-packaged 64-Mbit components on a single PCMCIA card, the technique can achieve densities of 300-Mbytes per card.


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