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Ideas for Design Vol. 3, No. 3 (Download)

Nov. 16, 2022
Download the PDF of this issue that presents a ramp transistor leveraging MCU emulation of a unijunction transistor and how to achieve full-spectrum light with an LED microscope illuminator's current source.

This article is part of the Ideas for Design Series: Volume 3

The Volume 3, No. 3 issue of Ideas for Design features:

  • A standard, low-cost PIC microcontroller, which integrates a short block of code emulating a simple ramp-signal generator based on the venerable unijunction transistor (UJT), that's able to achieve smooth output and infinite resolution.
  • A simple circuit that uses a 6-V dc supply with a PWM current-source configuration to provide efficient, adjustable dimming of a white LED over a wide range, which is needed to accommodate the unique lighting needs of an optical microscope over its magnification range from 40X to 1000X.

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