Electronic Design’s Best of 2023

Dec. 20, 2023
Bill Wong highlights the most popular articles to appear on Electronic Design this year.

What you’ll learn:

·       What articles made the list for Electronic Design’s “Best of 2023”?

·       What were Bill’s favorite articles?

·       What’s coming up in 2024.


If you look closely at the stack of Electronic Design issues in the image above, you’ll see that they’re from 2014. I happen to have stacks of old issues, but I don’t have the latest ones since I went all-digital a while back like a lot of readers. Turns out that 2023 will be the last of the physical issues as well. However, you’re in luck if you like the PDFs, as we’re going to six issues a year in 2024.

You may have noticed our Best of 2023 articles on the home page and newsletters. We took the last two weeks to highlight the most popular articles on Electronic Design. There are a few that I really like (of course I’m a bit biased):

·       The Top New SBCs for Midyear 2023

·       What Signal-Path Developments are Still Missing from Textbooks?

·       An Introduction to the SAE J1772 and CCS EV Charging Interfaces

·       Quick Poll: A Memory Quiz

·       HD Camera Powers Robotic Lawn Mower Vision (video/article)

·       25-hp Engine Uses Reimagined Thermodynamic Cycle (video/article)

Much has changed over the years. We’re doing a lot more with video and now have a YouTube channel. While you may find our videos there, I recommend you check them out on instead, as we always include a written article with multiple links to useful information on each topic. Our video feed highlights the latest article/videos. We have weekly Top Videos in our Top Stories section as well as a weekly newsletter that highlights the videos.

For those who like radio, we'll kick off our Inside Electronics podcast with Technology Editor, Alix Paultre:

In addition, keep an eye out for our 2024 Technology Forecast series. We will be running articles in that section through Q1 2024. We’ll also be heading out to CES 2024 to start off our show coverage so stay tuned. And when you get the chance, add comments to your favorite 2023 articles.


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