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Chiplets – Electronic Design Automation Insights

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William Wong, Senior Content Director, Electronic Design Editor

Bill Wong has been with Electronic Design for 20 years covering a range of topics from test and measurement to embedded systems. He has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Masters of Computer Science from Rutgers University. He has held a number of positions including a Member of the Technical Staff at RCA’s Sarnoff Research Center and Lab Director for PC Magazine.

John Park, Product Management Group Director for IC packaging and cross-platform solutions, Cadence

John Park brings more than 35 years of design and EDA experience to his role as product management group director for advanced semiconductor packaging at Cadence. In this role, John leads a team responsible for defining cross-domain solutions and methodologies for IC, package and PCB co-design and analysis. Over the past three years, John has authored numerous publications on emerging trends in multi-chip(let) package design and analysis.

Ming Zhang, Distinguished Architect, Synopsys

Dr. Ming Zhang leads corporate strategy for Heterogeneous Integration at Synopsys. Prior to Synopsys, he has been a circuit designer, foundry engineer, software developer, and most recently the co-founder & CEO of a chiplet startup – zGlue.

Tony Mastroianni, Advanced Packaging Solutions Director, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Tony Mastroianni has more than 30 years of experience as an engineer and engineering manager in the global semiconductor industry. In recent years, he has focused significantly on advanced ASIC package design flow development (2.5/3d). He currently leads development of Advanced Packaging Solutions for Siemens Digital Industries Software. Prior to joining Siemens, he served in engineering leadership positions at Inphi and eSilicon. He earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Lehigh University and a masters in electrical engineering at Rutgers University.


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