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Tapping Into the Full Power of Silicon Carbide

Discover how silicon carbide (SiC) is revolutionizing high-voltage power designs, from EV traction inverters to advanced power MOSFETs. Uncover the intricate ecosystem changes required to fully harness SiC's potential, including innovations in digital control, gate drivers, and thermal management, with insights from CISSOID, a leader in high-density power switching and motor-control systems.

This webinar was originally held on July 19th, 2024, and is now available for on demand viewing.

Duration: 1 hour
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Silicon is no longer the only power semiconductor on the block. In high-voltage power designs, including EV traction inverters, silicon carbide (SiC) is replacing it as the gold standard. Power MOSFETs based on this new semiconductor material have their pros and cons. Even though they cost more per chip, they slash switching power losses and fit into a smaller footprint than silicon IGBTs at the same voltage level.

But if you update one part of a complex power system—and one as central to success as the power switch itself—you’re potentially affecting everything in the system. To fully harness the power of SiC, innovations in everything from digital control to gate drivers are crucial. Special care must also be taken with the thermal aspects of the design. This will better ensure reliable operation at high temperatures and higher robustness against thermal and power cycling while tolerating the harsh conditions under the hood. 

To learn how the shift to SiC impacts the system surrounding it, we reached out to CISSOID, a developer of high-density power switching and motor-control systems—and the software that powers them. 


Mike Sandyck 
Marketing Director,  

Mike Sandyck has more than 20 years of experience in the electronics industry. Starting from the engineering side as field applications engineer, he moved into technical marketing and business development roles for several major semiconductor distributors and others, supporting top-tier customers and semiconductor makers alike. He was previously a product marketing manager at onsemi, where he was responsible for expanding the industrial networking product lines. He holds a degree in electronics engineering and a master's degree in information technology. 

Host: James Morra 
Senior Editor, Electronic Design 
Endeavor Business Media


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