The Kikusui Battery Emulator System With the PXB Programmable Power Supply

May 2, 2024
The battery emulator system offered by Kikusui uses the SD036-PXB software in tandem with the PXB high-Capacity bidirectional DC power supply to easily reproduce specific battery conditions.

The Kikusui Battery Emulator System removes the overhead that comes with using batteries and cuts in half the component count of traditional battery emulators. With the SD036-PXB software, the system can be quickly set up and scaled for larger systems where the PXB can be paralleled to output higher powers. Finally, data within I-V tables as well as between I-V files can be expanded through linear interpolation techniques. This ability allows users to quickly establish a dataset with a horizontal resolution of 0.1 A and curate files at all SOCs between 0% and 100% at 1% intervals.


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