QuickChat: How Silicon Carbide is Transforming Electrification in Transportation

July 8, 2024
Learn about the impact of silicon carbide technology in industrial E-mobility.

Guy Moxey, VP of Power Development at Wolfspeed discusses the growing trends in Industrial E-Mobility and the benefits of silicon carbide technology in these applications. Silicon carbide can provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective energy conversion and delivery in all types of electric vehicles, from agricultural and construction machinery to aircraft and marine vessels. Industrial E-mobility is poised to make a significant impact on CO2 emissions. Moxey emphasizes the importance of electrification within these sectors for a more sustainable future.

For an in-depth discussion, watch the full video where Moxey shares more insights on these emerging trends and technologies.

Learn more about Industrial E-Mobility on Wolfspeed.com.

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