First Printed NFC-Enabled Smart Label Demo’d

First Printed NFC-Enabled Smart Label Demo’d

Thin Film Electronics ASA (“Thinfilm”) announced successful demonstration of what it claims is the first integrated-system product to combine printed electronics technology, real-time sensing capability, and near-field communication (NFC) functionality. It takes advantage of the company’s printed-dopant polysilicon (PDPS) technology (acquired from Kovio Inc.), which is based on a hybrid manufacturing process that leverages print methods in key process steps. The technology enables high-performance transistors that support the high-frequency RF circuitry required for NFC communications in Thinfilm labels, and allows the company’s engineers to compress the cycle time for new designs. The smart-label platform accommodates a variety of sensing elements, both printed and conventional. Depending on the applications and components, labels can be fully printed or feature a combination of printed and surface-mounted elements. A video of the demonstration, which shows the wireless capture of threshold excursion data from a temperature sensing smart label, can be seen below:


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