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The YuMi dualarm robot performs with enough accuracy to thread a needle Image courtesy of ABB

The YuMi dual-arm robot performs with enough accuracy to thread a needle. (Image courtesy of ABB)

Industrial Robot Works Side by Side with Humans

Short for “you and me,” the YuMi is a collaborative, dual-arm robot designed to meet the flexible production needs of the consumer electronics industry. ABB’s YuMi, which will work alongside people performing the same tasks, has enough accuracy to thread a needle, making it ideal for handling delicate and precise electronics components.

The dual-arm assembly solution has the ability to feel and see. Its soft, padded arms use force-sensing technology to ensure the safety of its human co-workers, enabling it to work cage-free. According to ABB, the robot cannot function on its own, but will operate as part of a system. Successful deployment will involve an exact vision, dexterous grippers, sensitive force control, flexible software, and built-in safety features. These factors will collectively allow for programing through teaching, rather than typical coding.

Although its current rollout targets consumer electronics, YuMi will increasingly push into other market sectors. Commercial launch is slated for April 2015 at the Hannover Messe industrial technology fair. Watch the video above for a look at YuMi’s collaborative functionality.

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