Raima Boosts Database Manager Proficiency

Enhancements to Raima’s last generation of its database manager, the Raima Database Manager (RDM) 12.0, help broaden performance, scalability, and security. Database cursors give programmers a natural multi-cursor view for navigation, queries, and updates. A shared memory protocol improves performance with same-machine clients—added shared memory serves as a transport for communication between applications and the Transactional File Server (TFS). With memory limitation, programmers can limit or pre-allocate all usable memory for the database process. Better performance of certain SQL queries is possible due to the inclusion of data-distribution statistics, which allows for more intelligent execution plan choices. A larger key size limit lifts the 240-byte limit imposed by earlier versions. Bulk insert API enable efficient insertion of an array of records in one call. New data types include date/time/timestamp, BCD, and GUID. The RDM is available for workgroup, embedded, and mobile platforms.


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