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Electronic Design Update: August 6, 2008

Aug. 6, 2008
Be Ready For NI Week
Electronic Design UPDATE e-Newsletter | August 6, 2008 | FREEmagazine subscription digital or print!ADVERTISEMENT Free Data Logging Tips from Agilent
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editor's view |Be Ready For NI Week By Louis E. Frenzel, Communications/Test Editor
NI Week 2008 is here. Starting on Tuesday, August 5, more than 3000 engineers, scientists, educators, and NI developers will convene at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas, for three full days of interactive technical sessions, hands-on workshops, case study presentations, and exhibitions on the latest technologies for design, control, and test applications. Hosted by National Instruments, this show is both intellectually stimulating and a lot of fun. Read the full article... industry view |Visual Embedded Design Tools + ANSI C = New Challenges By Oliver H. Bailey, President
Timeline Industries

Recently, I encountered a real gotcha while updating a visual design tool. The update included support for a new compiler vendor who was, in fact, becoming the new default compiler. So I updated the tool, loaded a project that worked five minutes earlier, rebuilt the project with no errors and no warnings, and then programmed the part. I applied power, and nothing happened! Not one line of code had changed, and no errors or warnings were generated. What was the problem? Read the full article... engineer's resource | New Product Showcase: TI's Multi-Architecture Roadmap
John Dixon, Product Manager for Low Power Processors at Texas Instruments, talks about TI's multi-architecture roadmap for 2009. Webcast: Read Pacing: A Performance Enhancing Feature of PCI Express Gen 2 Switch Devices
A new feature called Read Pacing is now available on Gen 2 PCI Express switches. Read Pacing is a technology that opens up new avenues for enhancing performance in systems with multiple I/O streams. To learn more about Read Pacing from our friends at PLX Technology, please click on the "play" button above. (NOTE: This webcast contains audio, so please hit the mute button on your volume control if you cannot listen to audio at this time.) Your Ideas For Design Can Win $500 Send us your Ideas for Design and we'll pay you $150 for every Idea for Design that we publish. In addition, the year's top design as selected by our readers will earn an additional $500, with two runners-up each receiving $250. You can submit your Ideas for Design via e-mail to Click here for our guidelines on Ideas for Design. IFD of the week |Use A Boost Converter To Create An Auto-Dimmable LED Flashlight By Jianwen Shao, Application Engineer

Due to their light output and long life, high-brightness LEDs are well-suited for use in flashlights. Typically, the LEDs are driven with a constant current. So when the battery voltage drops, the flashlight just stops working. In some situations, this could be dangerous. It would be nice to have a flashlight that would automatically dim when the battery voltage drops. Just like a traditional flashlight, it would indicate a low-battery condition and would last longer. Read the full article...
ADVERTISEMENT Looking for the latest design techniques and technology in your market? Check out Electronic Design's Design Hotspots. Here you'll find exclusive content from our editors in Embedded, Power, and Analog technologies as well as Green Design and ROHS. We've also compiled Ideas for Design schematics here for your circuit design sweet-tooth. These spots are chock-a-block with information, so don’t delay! video of the week | MTT-S: Agilent's MXA Signal Analyzer
Watch Communications/Test Editor Louis E. Frenzel's interview with Philip J. Lorch, marketing manager of Emerging Wireless Communications at Agilent Technologies. (NOTE: Remember to scroll down. The video is in the middle of the page. And the file may take a minute to load; click only once.)
ADVERTISEMENT Digital Power Forum – Sep. 15-17, Burlingame CA
This focused three-day international conference will serve an audience of decision makers who are interested in learning about and contributing to the latest practical advancements related to the use of digital power control techniques in electronic systems and in power converters, and digital energy management and power management in enterprise-level installations and related digital equipment.
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Engineering TV | DARPA Urban Challenge: Victor Tango Team Victor Tango comprises Virginia Tech undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and a Virginia Tech autonomous systems spinoff company named Torc Technologies. The DARPA Urban Challenge competition pushes the limits of robotics, requiring teams to develop completely autonomous ground vehicles capable of navigating an urban environment. Vehicles must be able to perceive roads, road markings, and other traffic while planning an optimal route, avoiding collisions, making three-point turns, parking, and adhering to the rules of the road. Building off previous development work, team Victor Tango's vehicle, "Odin," is a JAUS interoperable, drive-by-wire converted 2005 Ford hybrid Escape. The automobile utilizes sensor technologies such as computer vision, laser rangefinders, differential GPS, and inertial measurement.

news from the editors |
Openmoko Publishes Schematics For Its Neo Phones
Openmoko will publish the schematics for its Neo 1973 and Neo FreeRunner mobile phones, further opening its mobile platform to the development community. Unlike other mobile phone manufacturers, the company already includes a free and open-source (FOSS) operating system and open applications with these phones. Read the full article...
CEA Considering Standards For Portable, Handheld Devices
The Consumer Electronics Association is considering whether to establish industry technical standards for portable and handheld devices, such as MP3 players, GPS units, video displays, and cameras. The association has scheduled a Discover Group meeting to discuss the issue at its Industry Forum on Oct. 21 in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Read the full article...
LabVIEW-Based Systems Monitor Health Of Chinese Megastructures
The China Earthquake Administration has selected a structural health monitoring (SHM) system from CGM Engineering Inc. to help engineers conduct research on seven recently constructed megastructures. Read the full article...
CE Companies Creating Enhanced WHDI Standard
Several consumer electronics companies have joined together to form a special interest group to develop an industry standard for multi-room audio, video, and control connectivity using Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) technology. Amimon Inc., Hitachi Ltd, Motorola Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, Sharp Corp., and Sony Corp. intend to have the new standard completed this year. Read the full article... quick poll | What kind of infotainment system do you want most in your next car?
  • Navigation system
  • Internet access
  • Rear-seat entertainment
  • Increased memory for audio/video
  • Safety/security features
  • Other

Click here to take the poll. Remember to scroll down. The poll is at the bottom of the page.

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focus product | SoC Drives In-Vehicle Image-Recognition Applications Hoping to boost widespread adoption of important vehicle safety features, the SH77650 single-chip SoC for image-recognition processing functions forecasts production of more affordable vehicle information terminals, particularly the next-generation car navigation systems and peripheral devices.

product picks online | Clock Buffers Support Per-Channel Enable Controls Embedded Computing Solutions Guarantee Extended Availability AC-DC Supply Pumps Out 25 kW At 48 V Benchtop Controller Takes Up Little Space LCDs Harvest Solar Power upcoming industry events | International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems
Knoxville, Tenn.
Aug. 10-13
Intel Developer Forum
San Francisco, Calif.
Aug. 19-21
IMTS 2008
Chicago, Ill.
Sep. 8-13
ED bookstore |Maxwell's Equations For Dummies? By Daniel Fleish, Professor
Wittenberg University

Is this book Maxwell’s Equations for Dummies? No. That headline was too appealing to pass up. But in my experience, the “Dummies” books are padded with secondary and tertiary trivia, and they generally aren’t as helpful as I’d have wished. A Student’s Guide to Maxwell’s Equations is far superior, though I confess that even after reading it, I still can’t use Maxwell’s equations to derive Ohm’s law. Read the full article...

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