Most overrated tech-hurts-your-health report?

Nov. 24, 2014

Various publications are covering a recent study that blames smartphones for poor posture and the problems that can cause. The idea is that your head, which weighs about a dozen pounds, places increasing force on your spine as it tilts forward—up to 60 pounds at a 60° angle. The resulting stress can increase wear and tear, possible leading to the need for surgery.

Ok, I can accept that. But how is this different from what people have been doing for centuries? How is tilting your head 60° to send a text message different from tilting your head 60° to read a newspaper or to type on a manual typewriter or to chisel of carve the first wheel?

Don’t get me wrong—I am in favor good posture and sympathize with those who have related medical problems. But this story, which has been covered in outlets from CBS News to Glamour, seems overdone.

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