Integrated Tool Suite Speeds Network Development

June 25, 2007
Using the Fulcrum Microsystems’ ControlPoint Software Suite, equipment providers can quickly deliver high-performance networking and embedded switch systems.

The ControlPoint Software Suite from Fulcrum Microsystems is a family of integrated development and test tools and Ethernet bridging, switching, and management software modules. The package enables equipment providers to rapidly deliver high-performance networking and embedded switch systems with advanced functionality based on Fulcrum’s FocalPoint family of switch chips. As equipment manufacturers face an increasingly long list of feature requirements from their customers, they must balance their ability to add security, switching, and management functions against getting products to market quickly. ControlPoint is design to create the needed features faster.

The suite consists of dynamic stacks, a software development kit (SDK), and development tools. The dynamic stack module leverages the United Networking Software (UNS) from NextHop Technologies. The module builds on the UNS framework by adding Fulcrum’s software extensions. The SDK includes TestPoint, Fulcrum’s proprietary configuration scripting tool for automated production test and static configuration of the company’s devices in embedded applications. It also contains an intelligent application programming interface, drivers for specific FocalPoint devices and other related devices, and hardware platforms. Among the development tools in the suite is ViewPoint, a graphical, web-based FocalPoint register viewer that permits simple and intuitive viewing of chip status during software development, testing, and debug.

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