Communication ICs - Wired Telecom & Datacomm ICs

Feb. 2, 2006
Vendor Products Data Sheet / App Notes
Vendor Products Data Sheet / App Notes Advanced Micro DevicesEthernet Controllers and PHYs
Agere SystemsATM and Ethernet Switches, Transceivers, Framers, Mappers, LIUs and others
Analog DevicesDSL/ADSL Chipsets
Avago TechnologiesMappers
Serdes and Transceivers
Broadcom Corp.Switches, Transceivers, SerDes
DSL Chips
ConexantxDSL Chips, Cable Modems and others
Cypress SemiconductorFramers, Mappers, Network Search Engines and PHYs
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.Network Processors, others
Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc.Ethernet Switches, others
Integrated Device TechnologyIntegrated Communications Processors, others
Intel Corp.Network Processors, Ethernet Controllers, Switches and PHYs, others
Maxim Integrated ProductsTransceivers, others
Micrel SemiconductorEthernet Transceivers, Swithces, others
MindspeedFramers, Mappers, PHYs and others
National Semiconductor Corp.Ethernet PHYs and Controllers, others
NEC Electronics Inc.ATM SARs, PHYs and Switches, Ethernet Controllers, others
PMC-SierraPHYs, Controllers, Switches, others
Silicon Laboratories Inc.Transceivers, others
Teridian Semiconductor Corp.Ethernet PHYs, others
Texas Instruments Inc.Cable Modems and xDSL chipsets
Transwitch Corp.Ethernet Mappers, others
Vitesse Semiconductor Corp.Ethernet MACs, Switches, PHYs, others
Zarlink SemiconductorSwitches, Packet Processors, others

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