Transcoders Exploit Comprehensive Architecture

Nov. 13, 2009
Transcoders Exploit Comprehensive Architecture
The ZN200 and ZN100 transcoder ICs claim to enable a new range of applications and services previously not feasible. Each product class promises to open up new revenue streams for operators and manufacturers worldwide. Capable of supporting up to 4x HD performance, the ZN200 class of media ICs combines a wide range of encoding, decoding and transcoding capabilities with graphics, DRM, and a host processor. The ZN100 class shares many of the same features found on the ZN200 with a performance of up to 2 HD transcodes. These devices are configurable as either embedded or USB bus-powered secure media co-processors. The ZN100 class is designed to support a lower BOM cost for applications where the full performance of the ZN200 class is not required. ZENVERGE INC., Cupertino, CA. (408) 342-6000.
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