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GPS Modules Provide Enhancements To GPS Capability

March 28, 2013
The R4 and F4 Series modules enhance GPS capability to new and existing applications through a serial interface.

The R4 and F4 Series GPS modules from Linx add GPS capability to new and existing applications through a serial interface. Designed with the SiRF-IV chipset, the modules offer enhancements over older SiRF-III, with improved accuracy to 2.5 meters, 2X faster cold start times using CGEE 3 day satellite prediction, built-in jammer remover, and better reliability by tracking up to 48 satellites simultaneously. A drop-in replacement for the company’s SG Series GPS module, the R4 Series adds SiRF-IV technology to existing designs, offering an operating range from 3.0 V to 3.6 V, while providing a typical 0.43 mA hibernate mode for extending battery life. The F4 Series, with an operating voltage of 1.8 V and low power modes such as Trickle-Power and Push-to-Fix, will hibernate with current draw as low as 20 uA. Also offering GPIO capability, the F4 allows application software to monitor and control events without a microcontroller. Aiding rapid development, a master development system is available, including development board for benchmarking and prototyping, evaluation module containing the GPS module and surrounding components, on-board display for mobile evaluation, and USB interface for custom application design.


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