28 nm 10GBASE-T PHY Fuels Adoption Of 10GE In Data Centers

Nov. 5, 2013
28 nm 10GBASE-T PHY reduces power consumption to 1.5 W per port while also integrating EEE, 1588 and MACsec.

Aquantia is now sampling the world’s first 28 nm 10GBASE-T PHY. The fourth generation of their 10GBASE-T ICs reduces the power consumption of its data center products to 1.5 W per port while also integrating features such as EEE, 1588 and MACsec. The 28 nm generation PHY seeks further penetration of 10GBASE-T technology in cloud data centers, while also fueling its adoption within the mass market of corporate data centers, which commonly requires cable distances of up to 100 m for connecting to rack servers, resulting in copper Ethernet (1000BASE-T) representing close to 100% of all GE connectivity in corporate data center environments today. For high-density implementations, the 28 nm quad-port 10GBASE-T IC is shipping in both 23 x 23 mm and 25 x 25 mm packages. The 23 x 23 mm version delivers the highest density required in high port-count fixed and modular Ethernet switches. The 25 x 25 mm package provides backward compatibility with Aquantia’s 40 nm quad device, allowing customers to migrate their existing designs to the lower-power 28 nm version.



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