Multi-Core Processor Optimizes Indoor Signal For LTE Devices

Dec. 5, 2013
Supporting LTE, the six-core RISC processor powers the next generation of digital Cel-Fi smart signal boosters.

Nextivity’s third generation Cel-Fi baseband processor, ARES, is a multi-core RISC processor built to power their next generation of digital Cel-Fi smart signal boosters. The new processor provides the foundation and versatility necessary for a family of smart signal booster products to address the stringent carrier and FCC requirements for indoor coverage solutions to provide high-quality voice and data services. The baseband processor supports LTE devices on LTE networks to deliver optimal indoor signal quality, and also increases the amount of bandwidth operators can boost. With the ability to relay up to four 20 MHz cellular RF bands, the processor enables automatic configuration for any combination of WCDMA, HSPA+ and LTE carriers. Dedicated RISC processors, delivering the equivalent performance of 250 Giga MAC operations per second, enable ultra-fast gain adjustment to help ensure unconditional, network-safe operations. The ARES Cel-Fi baseband processor also features multi-tap, ultra-fast adapting frequency-domain echo cancellation, and software programmable equalization filters that allow for optimization of signal quality under varying radio conditions.


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