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Advanced mmWave Components and Packaging Tech Target Space, Test Apps

June 21, 2024
Nuvotronics' latest RF and mmWave technologies offer high-frequency performance, miniaturization, and increased precision for the space, defense, and test and measurement sectors.
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What you’ll learn:

  • Insight into Nuvotronics’ latest RF and mmWave components.
  • What is Polystrata technology?
  • Potential industry applications.


Cubic Corporation’s offshoot, Nuvotronics, showcased its latest RF and millimeter-wave (mmWave) components as well as its PolyStrata packaging technology at the 2024 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium. The company’s filters, combiners, and couplers are designed for applications in the space, defense, and test and measurement industries, offering high performance and reliability.

“Our revolutionary mmWave components and PolyStrata packaging technology deliver significant and relevant performance advantages,” said Michael Pena, head of sales at Nuvotronics. “Our devices provide superior high-frequency performance, reduced size and weight, lower costs, and a repeatable, precision manufacturing process, reducing time-to-market.”

Nuvotronics’ PSD02040B2W, PSF29B22S, and PSF34B32S RF filters and diplexers are designed for defense and radar applications. Features include reduced insertion loss and high unit-to-unit repeatability. They’re available from 2 to over 110 GHz in the RF spectrum.

The company’s next-gen combiners and couplers boost performance for solid-state power amplifiers, targeting both ultra-broadband and mmWave applications. The combiners feature a surface-mount form factor—100X smaller volume at 1% of the weight compared to conventional waveguide combiners. They also offer a low insertion of <0.5 dB typical and isolation of >15 dB typical.

Polystrata packaging technology is a 3D additive-manufacturing process that uses a unique copper air-dielectric process to create mmWave devices. The mmWave structures are fabricated by depositing layers (strata) of copper onto a substrate. Any type of substrate can be used, and once the structures are fabricated, the resist is dissolved to deliver air-copper structures.

Nuvotronics states that the technology provides an increased level of RF performance, integration, and miniaturization, achieving a 10X to 100X improvement in size, weight, and power (SWaP). The Polystrata tech also features low-loss interconnects to packaged MMIC and PCB transmission lines with ultra-wideband performance (15 to +100 GHz) and high thermal connectivity (400 W/mK).

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