Building AI Models for High-Frequency Streaming Data: Part 1 - Planning Ahead: Data-Streaming Basics

April 13, 2022
Developing systems that handle streaming data like audio and video can be challenging. It means continuous data processing in real-time.

This video is part of the Building AI Models for High-Frequency Streaming Data series in the Embedded Software section of our Series Library

Processing streaming data from sensors, such as cameras for video or microphones for audio data, is common practice. These days, high-speed data from multiple sources is often the case for applications where filters and machine-learning models are being applied in real-time. Mapping data to software data structures and combining them to application code can be a challenge (see figure).

This video (at the top of the article) is the first in a series I'm doing with Heather Meloy Gorr, Senior Product Manager at MathWorks, talking about the challenges, methodologies, and solutions associated with high-speed communications and data processing. 



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