Multipoint Ethernet Solution Reduces System Complexity

June 30, 2022
onsemi's NCN26010 handles over 40 nodes on a single twisted pair, exceeding the amount specified by IEEE 802.3cg, thus reducing installation cost and setup complexity.

Part of our embedded world 2022 coverage.

onsemi's NCN26010 handles over 40 nodes on a single twisted pair, exceeding the amount specified by IEEE 802.3cg. In turn, it reduces installation cost and setup complexity. The controller uses multi-drop 10BASE-T1S (802.3cg) Ethernet to replace legacy point-to-point and multi-point industrial communication. The T1S MAC/PHY can replace RS-485, CAN, RS-232, HART, and others for greater data throughput over existing wiring, eliminating the need to re-pull wires.

Single-pair Ethernet installations based on the controller reduce the number, volume, and cost of wiring, while the multi-drop capability allows for multiple nodes, such as sensors, to be connected to a single twisted pair. The NCN26010 also incorporates a proprietary enhanced noise-immunity feature that's essential for installations in electrically noisy industrial environments.

In addition, the NCN26010 has lower capacitance on the line pins than existing T1S solutions, allowing for more nodes to be implemented on a single network. Because the communication with the NCN26010 can be over SPI, the pin count is lower and the package size is smaller.

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