HDMI-To-MHL Transmitter Chip Puts Mobile Content On The Big Screen

Oct. 4, 2012
The Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) interface of Parade Technologies transfers HDMI video to HD big screens.

Wouldn’t it be a great if you could display your mobile content on a big-screen HDTV? It hasn’t been easy, but the Parade Technologies PS5101 HDMI-to-MHL chip now makes it happen.

The PS5101 targets smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, camcorders, and other power-sensitive mobile devices that use system-on-chip (SoC) processors with an HDMI output. It converts the standard 19-wire HDMI video streams into five-wire Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) for transmission to TV sets and other consumer electronic devices with that interface (see the figure).

The Parade Technologies PS5101 HDMI-to-MHL transmitter enables smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices to display their content on big-screen HDTV sets.

MHL is a relatively new interface that uses a compact five-wire connector to transmit 1080p HD video and 7.1 digital audio with HDCP security from a mobile device to an HDTV, set-top box, Blu-ray player, or other consumer products. The MHL standard also allows the smart phone, tablet, or other device to be charged while connected to an HDTV set. Additionally, the standard lets the TV’s remote control access and browse using the mobile device’s apps. It can even connect the device to the Internet using the available 3G/4G phone technology.

The PS5101 supports HDMI version 1.4b and HML version 2.0, the latest versions of both standards. Designed especially for mobile devices, it features a low-power 1.2-V core with 1.8-V and 3.3-V I/O. It includes active automatic power management and ultra-low power standby. And, it has superior electromagnetic interference/RF interference (EMI/RFI) performance and high electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.

The chip comes in a 49-pin, 3.5- by 3.5-mm WFBGA package. Samples are available now, and full production will be available in the fourth quarter of this year. It costs $1.50 each in large quantities.

Parade Technologies Ltd


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