Submersible Level Transducers Get Better Accuracy

June 25, 2007
The KPSI Series 705 submersible hydrostatic level transducers from Pressure Systems now have a static accuracy of ±0.25%.

Pressure Systems has upgraded its KPSI Series 705 submersible hydrostatic level transducers to a static accuracy of ±0.25% FSO. Introduced in 2005, the Series 705 addresses the harsh operating conditions found in wastewater lift-station applications. With its wide sensing area, flush-mounted Teflon-coated elastomeric diaphragm, the transducer is well-suited to highly viscous or slurry environments. Most applications of this type are adequately served with a ±1.0% FSO accuracy, the original specification for the Series 705. But Pressure Systems notes that there is an ever-increasing need for higher accuracy.

The Series 705 comes in custom level ranges of from 6 to 115 feet (2 to 35 m) H2O and has analog outputs of 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 5 V dc. Its standard housing construction is welded 316 stainless steel, with titanium available as an option. The SuperDry vent filter makes vented gage applications virtually maintenance-free. For enhanced reliability in the field, the company offers a proprietary, two-part lightning protection system with a lifetime warranty.

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Pricing for the Series 705 starts at $595. FOR MORE INFORMATION

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