Thermostat Families Boast 30-A Ratings

Sept. 24, 2007
The SHQ, SHR, SJQ, and SJW series of bulb and capillary thermostats from Selco Products Co. include a variety of options that ensure safety in high-current applications.

The bulb and capillary thermostats in four different series from Selco Products Co. feature a 30-A capacity and a variety of options designed to ensure safety and increase flexibility in a wide range of applications. The high current capacity of the SHQ, SHR, SJQ, and SJW series make them suitable for use in commercial and residential cooking appliances, pools and spas, electric heaters, deep fryers, laundry applications, and HVAC units.

The thermostats are electromechanical on/off switches that open on a rising temperature with activation in temperature ranges from –4°F to 608°F (–20°C to 320°C). All are available with a variety of mounting hardware, including front and back brackets, for optimum installation flexibility. Customers can also select from a wide range of knobs and bezels in a variety of configurations, sizes, and colors. Performance characteristics include 120/480 V ac, 30 A, resistive and inductive ratings, and pilot duty ratings. The SJW, for example, incorporates a "positive off" switch that forces the contacts to remain in the open position. This safety feature ensures that the switch cannot accidentally close.

The bulb and capillary thermostats cost $10.00 to $30.00 each in OEM quantities. Contact the company for availability information. FOR MORE INFORMATION
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