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Displacement Sensors Operate In Temperatures Up To +1000 °C

Nov. 13, 2009
Displacement Sensors Operate In Temperatures Up To +1000 °C

Tailored to manufacturing and testing applications, the company offers high-temperature, non-contact displacement sensors for disk-brake wear analysis, glass manufacturing, and aircraft engine testing applications. For in-vehicle disk-brake wear analysis, the Model HPC-150C-H measures 9.5 mm in diameter and delivers a range of 2.5 mm with a 0.25 mm resolution. Operating at +400 °C, the component is suitable for testing run out, thickness variation, coning, wobble, and the thermal expansion of disk-brake rotors. Targeting automotive windshield production, the Model HPC-500-V sensors employ flexible high temperature cables. The sensors measure gaps in the tooling at production temperatures of +800 °C to ensure precise glass size and shape specifications. Operating in aircraft-engine temperatures up to +1,000°C, the Model HPC-75-V/S non-contact displacement sensors measure thermal expansion, axial expansion, and radial run out to confirm that dimensional design parameters meet spec at extreme operating temperatures. Capacitec Inc., Ayer, MA. (978) 772-6033.


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