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VGA Sensor Eyes Fast-moving Apps

July 1, 2010
The OV7735 VGA sensor captures video at 60 fps and measures less than 3-mm thick.

Optimized for smooth video recording and accurate motion detection, the OV7735 VGA sensor captures video at 60 fps and measures less than 3-mm thick. Based on the company’s  3-µm OmniPixel3-HSTM high sensitivity pixel, the device achieves a sensitivity of 3,300 mV/lux-sec. The OV7735 provides full frame, sub-sampled, windowed or scaled eight-bit/10-bit images in RAW RGB and YUV formats over a parallel DVP or serial MIPI port. Sampling now, mass production is expected in August 2010. OMNIVISION TECHNOLOGIES INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 542-3000.

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