Power Adapter Chipsets Achieve Fast Standby Recovery

April 10, 2013
Two new power adapter chipsets provide

iWatt has expanded its PrimAccurate PWM controller platform to include two new power adapter chipsets, the iW1766 + iW628 and iW1767 + iW628, providing <10 mW standby power at up to 12 W output power and <20 mW standby at up to 24 W output power, respectively. These chipsets are greener, higher performance ac/dc adapters and chargers for media tablets and smart phones, as well as devices that remain permanently plugged into the wall in standby. The iW628 is an adaptive voltage position monitor designed specifically for use with the iW1766 and iW1767 to improve DLR. It sits on the secondary side of an isolated power supply, providing a “wake-up” signal to the primary-side regulator in the event of a power load change, and “normally OFF” technology to eliminate bias current. The iW1766 and iW1767 come in 8-lead SOIC and are priced at $0.30 each/1,000. The iW628 comes in a 3-lead SOT-23 and is priced at $0.07 each/1,000. All three parts are available now in production quantities.


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