Electronicdesign 6569 Gln Series

Ultra-Broadband SMT Inductors Provide Low Insertion Loss

Oct. 30, 2013
High frequency ultra-broadband inductor series delivers repeatable and reliable ultra-broadband performance up through 40 GHz.

Two new high frequency ultra-broadband inductor series (GLM and GLN) from AVX contain unique components that provide extremely low insertion loss and excellent matching over multiple octaves of the frequency spectrum. This makes the inductors useful in ultra-broadband dc decoupling networks and bias tee applications in optical communications systems and equipment using high-speed digital logic. Developed specifically to deliver repeatable and reliable ultra-broadband performance up through 40 GHz, the ultra-broadband inductors provide maximum inductance in a compact physical space, suiting them for applications including semiconductor data communications, receiver optical sub-assemblies, transimpedance amplifiers and test equipment manufacturers. Available in two sizes, M and N, the surface mount GLM and GLN Series are rated for -55 to +125 oC and offer several critical performance advantages including flat frequency response, excellent insertion and return loss, a rugged powdered iron core and lead-free RoHS compliant terminations.



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