Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors Utilized In New Reference Designs

May 20, 2014
Rugged and fully protected family of Hall effect magnetic sensors supports applications from 2.5 V to 38 V.

A new family of Hall effect magnetic sensors from TI, the DRV5013 digital latch, DRV5023 and DRV5033 digital switches, and DRV5053 analog bipolar output, support applications from 2.5 V to 38 V, such as BLDC motor control, home security, industrial valve and damper position sensors, speed and position control loops, and flow meters. All of these chopper-stabilized devices include reverse supply protection up to -22 V, the ability to withstand transient voltages up to 40 V, and can support -40°C up to 125°C with minimal change in magnetic sensitivity over temperature.

In addition, TI is introducing their 12V and 24V Brushless DC Outrunner Motor and Speed-Controlled 24V Brushless DC Outrunner Motor reference designs. Both designs feature the DRV5013 Hall effect sensor, the new DRV8307 or DRV8308 BLDC motor gate driver, and three CSD88537ND 60-V dual NexFET power MOSFETs. The DRV5000 family is available to sample now in SOT-23 and TO-92S package options. The highest sensitivity DRV5013 digital latch version is in production now and priced at $0.26 each/1,000. Other sensitivity variants of DRV5013 as well as the DRV5023 digital switch and DRV5033 digital omnipolar switch will be available 3Q2014. The DRV5053 analog bipolar is priced at $0.31 each/1,000 with production quantities also expected 3Q2014.


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