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GUI Control Panel Eases Design & Debug for Motion Control Apps

July 3, 2014
Development system is designed for their highly integrated, NEMA 17-compatible TMCM-1043 stepDancer stepper motor module.

Trinamic’s TMCM-1043-KIT development system is designed for their highly integrated, NEMA 17-compatible TMCM-1043 stepDancer stepper motor module. The development kit offers designers a PC-based GUI that allows one-click modification of motor drive current, micro-stepping and other key parameters. While the TMCM-1043 module is designed for off-the-shelf use, the new development kit enables engineers to optimize their designs through modification of key parameters–a wider range of motor capabilities can be accommodated by modifying current specifications, legacy software can be re-used by modifying the number of micro-steps per full rotation, and motor holding torque can be optimized by modifying standby current. Stepper motors are used in printers, scanners, robotics, lab automation and other applications that require high-torque at low speeds and precise control of motor axis rotation. The TMCM-1043-KIT is a turnkey solution with PC control software, programming adaptor, power supply, three TMCM-1043 modules and a NEMA 17 frame test motor. Available immediately, the kit is priced at less than $300.


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