Software Products Boost Simulation Over The Web

Oct. 1, 1999

Five new products and services, including WebSIM and eSIM. enabling Web-based simulation; PSpice Power Analyzer, porting firm's powerful simulation engine to the PC environment; and @STAR, providing a complete multi-simulator environment for switch-mode power supply and motor control applications, are now available. The fifth product is firm's Transformer Modeling Tool, an advanced modeling tool for power electronics simulation. WebSIM and eSIM bring interactive power supply simulation to the Web using an ordinary Web browser. WebSIM is delivered as a service via the Internet, providing designers with real-time product behavior modeling without prototypes or delays. The PSpice Power Analyzer ports firm's SIMPLEIS simulation engine to Windows, integrating it with OrCAD's PSpice. The Transformer Modeling Tool is designed to quickly and automatically generate highly accurate SPICE models from measured impedance data.

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