Motion Controller Is 3U Eurocard Size

Nov. 1, 1998

The MACRO STACK is a 3U European open-frame version of the Compact MACRO station that lets users employ motor drive systems that are not specifically MACRO-interface compatible along with MACRO-compatible circuits for use on high-bandwidth (125 Mbits/s) fiber-optic communications networks. The MACRO STACK version is open-frame mounted on standoffs for ease of integration into users' controller package. Designed to work with Ultralite versions of the PMAC2 controller, the Compact MACRO station simplifies the multi-axis system design by separating the controller computer from the station's interface circuits composed of encoder counters, buffer circuits, and direct PWM or ±10 vdc outputs to driver various motor amplifiers. Each MACRO station can drive up to eight axes and more than 500 points of digital I/O. Computer and interface can be 2 miles apart.

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