Programmable Motion Controller Works With Step Motor Drives

Sept. 1, 1999

With a built-in power supply and Basic-like language for easy programming, the SLO-SYN SS2000PCi programmable motion controller is an open-frame unit designed to work with step motor drives. Designers of multi-axis and stand-alone applications will find this programmable indexer to be a low-cost alternative to integrated motion controllers and drives.The controller includes a 12 vdc supply for inputs and outputs. It also has inputs for a digital encoder interface, two serial ports that can be configured as RS-232 or RS-485 ports, and support for RS-485 daisy chaining. It’s compatible with the firm’s SLO-SYN step motor drives as well as other drives that use pulse and direction inputs. Other features include eight inputs and four outputs that are optically isolated and eight inputs and four outputs that are non-isolated.

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