Electric Motors and Drives, Second Edition

March 15, 2006
Fundamentals, Types and Applications
By Austin Hughes
ISBN: 0750617411
If you are going to be implementing motor control in your application, then you better know how the motors work. This book will do just that, assuming you didn’t specialize in it when you went to college.

Hughes starts with the basics from electromagnetics and flux density to torque and efficiency. He then transitions to a discussion of voltage control techniques that are required for the most basic forms of motor control.

The rest of the book is an exhaustive presentation of motors and control systems. This includes DC motors, AC motors, induction motors, and stepping and brushless DC motors just to mention a few. The chapters cover all aspects of the technology, such as analog and digital power sources and characteristics specific to the motor type.

The book wraps up with a chapter on motor/drive selection. After the other chapters, this is just the topic to finish off a great book. There is an appendix on closed-loop control systems that I also liked.

I highly recommend this book. It is easy to read. Covers the topic very well and does not cut corners.

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