Add-On Module Aids Design Of Low-Frequency, DC Devices

Oct. 2, 2006
The AC/DC Module enhances COMSOL's Multiphysics scientific-software environment with simulation and analysis features for many additional applications.

The AC/DC Module for COMSOL's Multiphysics scientific-software environment helps engineers speed up the design of devices such as motors, magnets, transformers, power lines, and energy-conversion systems. It lets users select better materials and optimize the value of circuit parameters with minimal cost, time, and size. Engineers can use the AC/DC Module to create better layouts and cooling systems, perform failure analysis, and explore their devices' multiphysics aspects, such as electrical and heat losses.

The Module handles general static and quasi-static electromagnetics for 2D, 2D axialsymmetric, and full 3D geometries, supporting time-harmonic, transient, and static analysis. Users can conduct virtually any type of simulation. For instance, it allows users to simulate many physics other than electromagnetics, including acoustics or structural mechanics for analyzing rotating machinery or determination of the frequency response of a loudspeaker. Also, it is extremely flexible, allowing users to couple any arbitrary physics as well as to define material properties in a unique, convenient fashion. In fact, the module comes with two ready-made multiphysics couplings for rotating machinery and inductive heating. In each case, users set up the model with a few mouse clicks. To simplify the user's learning curve, the module comes with a Model Library with more than 25 real-world examples.

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The AC/DC Module costs $3495 and is an add-on for Multiphysics, which costs $7995. FOR MORE INFORMATION


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