Intelligent Power Modules Boost Efficiency In Consumer Appliances

June 4, 2007
The CiPoS family of intelligent power modules from Infineon Technologies integrate almost all of the semiconductor components needed to drive electronically controlled variable-speed electric motors.

The CiPoS (Control Integrated Power System) family of highly integrated, intelligent power modules contain nearly all of the semiconductor components needed to drive electronically controlled variable-speed motors. The modules, from Infineon Technologies AG, are designed to provide efficiencies up to 94% by enabling energy-conserving operation in consumer appliances.

The devices include a three-phase inverter power stage with silicon-on-insulator gate driver, bootstrap diodes and capacitors, and auxiliary circuitry in a compact, high-performance, fully isolated package. Infineon says the high integration level allows the elimination of as many as 23 components compared to a design based on discrete components. For example, a basic drive system for a fan blower requires only nine external components and one microcontroller. The solution handles applications with power ratings up to 3 kW.

According to Infineon, the CiPoS modules offer the industry’s lowest junction-to-case resistance, which increases output current by up to 20% compared to other modules. This makes a higher output power possible in designs with equivalent-sized heatsinks compared to alternatives, or the use of a smaller heatsink for the same power. A feedback control loop can be easily implemented by adding an external op amp. The CiPoS family will comprise at least six members. Engineering samples of the first devices, which come in RoHS-compliant single-inline modules that are best suited to washing machines and similar applications, are available now. Production quantities are expected to be available in the third quarter. The IKCS12F60AA version costs $12.50 in quantities of 1000. For more information, go to

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