Compiler Speeds Accelerator Development

Feb. 7, 2008
SQUIGGLE And Chips; Beijing Debut For Femtocell Design; Joint Effort Unveils USB Support For Starter Kit; Wireless IP Firms Sign WiMAX Pact

Amsterdam, The Netherlands—ACE Associated Compiler Experts’ CoSy system was successfully used by ClearSpeed Technology in developing a high-performance, parallelising compiler for its accelerator product line.

One of product family members is the CSX600, a multi-threaded array coprocessor. The CSX600 is a massively parallel processor architecture with a SIMD data path with 96 processing elements, each equipped with a dual 64bit FPU, local registers and local memory.

Based around the CSX600, the ClearSpeed Advance accelerator cards (PCI-X and PCIe form factors) provide low-power, high-performance, co-processing capabilities for a range of numerically intensive disciplines.


Unterpremstaetten, Austria and Victor, NY, USA—High-performance analog IC company Austriamicrosystems and New Scale Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of miniature motion systems, have completed a Series B preferred equity transaction. Austriamicrosystems has made a $6 million investment in exchange for a 25% minority share in privately held New Scale.

The investment is said to underscore a strategic partnership for product development and new business development in which the companies will integrate Austriamicrosystems’ high-performance analog ICs with New Scale’s patented piezoelectric SQUIGGLE motors.

The partners are already working on integrating SQUIGGLE motors, claimed to be the world's smallest linear motors, with custom motor controller and position sensor ICs from Austriamicrosystems. By reducing the supporting control electronics to single ICs, the partnership allows New Scale to create complete motion systems on the same scale as its miniature motors, which are currently less than 2 x 2 x 6 mm in size.

Beijing Debut For Femtocell Design

Bath, England and Beijing, China—The first femtocell reference design was unveiled recently by picoChip at the China Business Summit in Beijing. The design was developed in China at picoChip’s Beijing design centre.

Femtocells (3G access points) are low-cost basestations optimised for use inside buildings to improve coverage and data rates. TD-SCDMA is the third major 3G standard and is expected to launch in the Chinese Olympic cities this summer.

With this introduction, picoChip now supports all three 3G standards families: WCDMA (HSPA) through the picoChip PC8208/8209, cdma2000 via GWT partnership, and now TD-SCDMA with the PC8808. The company also supports WiMAX Waves 1 and 2 with its PC6530 and PC6532 single-chip reference designs, respectively.

Joint Effort Unveils USB Support For Starter Kit

London, England—Renesas Technology Europe and its alliance partner Thesycon announced the availability of a complete USB stack support for the H8SX/1664-based, RSK1664 Renesas Starter Kit (RSK).

The H8SX/1664 features a USB function and a 50 DMIPS H8SX CISC CPU core. From the PC side, Thesycon provides a generic USB device driver for Windows, called USBIO. This allows Windows application developers to control any kind of USB device. No DDK development is required.

Thesycon’s USB device software stack implements the core functionality of a USB device and optionally provides device class-specific protocols.

Wireless IP Firms Sign WiMAX Pact

Linköping, Sweden—Coresonic AB and SySDSoft Inc. have agreed to market each other’s complementary technologies as complete packaged solutions to mobile device developers and manufacturers. Coresonic provides baseband processor technology for next-generation multimode wireless modems, while SySDSoft develops embedded software for the wireless broadband market.

"The significance of this agreement is the benefit it provides to the many chip designers we are talking to who have little wireless technology expertise, because their focus may be on an unrelated area such as video,” says Rick Clucas, CEO of Coresonic.

“Between our two companies, we’ll provide a complete package comprising the world’s most area- and power-efficient next-generation baseband processor with PHY firmware, MAC layer, and protocol stacks, allowing an OEM or ODM to quickly integrate a WiMAX or other IEEE802.16-based system-on-chip into their product," he added. "Customers can come to either company for this complete package, giving them a single contact point for support and development."

SySDSoft designs baseband and RF/analog circuits for the growing wireless broadband market, with a product portfolio covering a variety of technologies such as WiMAX, WiFi, Bluetooth, and wireless USB. Its IP cores can also be implemented in the latest generation of mobile WiMAX IEEE 802.16-e/WiBro Wave 2-compliant MAC for mobile devices.

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