Feedback System Serves Servo Motors

Feb. 1, 1999

A system has been developed that is said to provide in a single, compact integrated package all of the feedback signals needed for controlling servo motor commutation, speed and positioning. Designed specifically for servo drive systems, the Sincos high-performance servo motor feedback system is said to be particularly valuable for applications needing a C-axis due to the high level of accuracy required, or when inexpensive multi-turn absolute feedback is required. Sincos provides accuracy to ±5 arc seconds, resulting in drive system accuracy to ±30 arc seconds or less.The servo motor feedback system provides single- or multi-turn position information (to 4096 turns) over an RS-485 link, as well as separate, dynamic incremental feedback for the velocity and position servo loops. Single- and multi-turn resolutions to 14 and 26 bits, respectively, and incremental resolutions of over 4 million counts are achievable. The accurate, optical system-based Sincos also provides "smart sensor" capabilities, is available in packages as small as 2", can operate over a -40°C to 125°C temperature range, and is designed for integration into the housing of the motor.

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