Processor Controls Brushed And Brushless Motors Simultaneously

Feb. 1, 2000

The ability to control both brushed and brushless servo motors simultaneously with a single chipset is said to be provided with the Navigator MC2800 Series of Multiple Motor Type Motion Processors. The chipset supports sinusoidal commutation of 2- or 3-phase brushless motors as well as positioning and velocity control of brushed servo motors. Users can select any axis to be brushed and any axis to be brushless. Available in 2- and 4-axis configurations and consisting of a 132-pin processor and a 100-pin logic device, the chipset provides users with the ability to off-load resource intensive motion control functions from the application's host processor. The series features a pre-programmed PID filter with feed-forward velocity and acceleration, and a 32-bit position error. And the chipset's ability to directly do the commutation reduces torque ripple, oscillation, overshoot and audible noise levels. Applications include industrial automation and robotics, medical automation, materials handling, semiconductor manufacturing, test and lab equipment, and textiles.

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