Motion Controller Is Easy To Program And Operate

Oct. 1, 2000

The latest addition to the RMC family of motion controllers is said to be the most versatile, easiest to program and operate motion control unit on the market. The new RMC101-Q1-S1-H1-A1-Enet DIN-rail mounted controller consists of a series of modules: a quadrature encoder interface in the -Q1 module for positive control of motors and actuators; the -S1 synchronous serial interface module that provides immunity to noise, high resolution, and absolute positioning, while allowing the use of many different types of transducers, absolute encoders, and laser measuring devices; a 16-bit analog interface in the -H1 module that allows direct connection to any analog MDT; and the -A1 module, which features four isolated, 12-bit inputs. Other features of the motion controller include communication with various computer protocols including TCP/IP via the -Enet module and a LCD terminal with a 20-key elastomeric keypad.

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