Back-Potted Hermetic Seals Are Flexible And Reliable

Sept. 21, 2009
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Developed as fast, flexible, reliable and low-cost alternatives to expensive standard ceramic or glass seals, a line of back-potted epoxy hermetic seals provide a fully harnessed pressure and vacuum seal that can be customized to meet customer needs. These seals avoid some of the drawbacks associated with generic glass or ceramic connectors, which traditionally come supplied with only solder cups or PCB tails, creating potential points of failure. Without a wire harness, these connectors also need additional assembly work and potential investment in tooling, training, quality control, and testing. Designers can specify from a range of commonly available plastic and metal connectors, from jam-nut and o-ring to wall mount, radial o-ring, and others including the accommodation of fiber-optic connectors and cables. Available high-performance epoxies greatly extend the application range of this versatile hermetic sealing option; the company’s epoxy material can withstand pressure up to 15,000 PSI and temperatures ranging from cryogenic to over 350 F. Current application areas for back-potted seals include semiconductor fabrication, HVAC compressors, magnetic bearing enclosures, electrical switch gears, X-ray machines, and military applications. DOUGLAS ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS INC., Randolph, NJ. (973) 627-8230.


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