Lessons Learned From A Lean Consultant

Aug. 12, 2008
By Chris A. Ortiz

Want some insights into “lean” manufacturing? Want to learn from the mistakes made when companies failed in their quest for more efficient manufacturing? Then this is the right book to read.

Author Chris Ortiz, a senior consultant on lean manufacturing, and the owner of Kaizan Assembly, cites several examples of successful and failed industry projects here. Ortiz points out that lean manufacturing is successful only when the individuals running the business are committed and dedicated to this principle.

This 176-page book is full of insightful advice for plant managers, engineering managers, lean managers, and even lean engineers; it’s designed to help them avoid mistakes and achieve truly lean manufacturing goals.

There is also a quick reference and a supplemental material appendix with forms, templates, time study, and tracking sheets—making this book a very handy tool for those seeking the goal of successful lean manufacturing.

To contact Chris Ortiz, e-mail him at [email protected], or visit www.kaizenassembly.com.

About the Author

Roger Allan

Roger Allan is an electronics journalism veteran, and served as Electronic Design's Executive Editor for 15 of those years. He has covered just about every technology beat from semiconductors, components, packaging and power devices, to communications, test and measurement, automotive electronics, robotics, medical electronics, military electronics, robotics, and industrial electronics. His specialties include MEMS and nanoelectronics technologies. He is a contributor to the McGraw Hill Annual Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. He is also a Life Senior Member of the IEEE and holds a BSEE from New York University's School of Engineering and Science. Roger has worked for major electronics magazines besides Electronic Design, including the IEEE Spectrum, Electronics, EDN, Electronic Products, and the British New Scientist. He also has working experience in the electronics industry as a design engineer in filters, power supplies and control systems.

After his retirement from Electronic Design Magazine, He has been extensively contributing articles for Penton’s Electronic Design, Power Electronics Technology, Energy Efficiency and Technology (EE&T) and Microwaves RF Magazine, covering all of the aforementioned electronics segments as well as energy efficiency, harvesting and related technologies. He has also contributed articles to other electronics technology magazines worldwide.

He is a “jack of all trades and a master in leading-edge technologies” like MEMS, nanolectronics, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, military electronics, biometrics, implantable medical devices, and energy harvesting and related technologies.

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