November 15, 2007

Nov. 15, 2007
IP Experts: Put The Brakes On Patent Reform
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FEATURES COVER STORY/ENGINEERING FEATURE · Daniel Harris IP Experts: Put The Brakes On Patent Reform The patent system has been turned on its head this year via court precedents and rule revisions. Experts say these modifications need to sink in and that Congress should visit the Patent Reform Act later. TECHNOLOGY REPORT · Don Tuite Get The Lowdown On Ultracapacitors Now that you're armed with more capacitance than earlier generations ever dreamed of, what do you do with it? ENGINEERING ESSENTIALS · William Wong Secure That Microcontroller Encryption is only part of securing an embedded system. DEPARTMENTS LEAPFROG: FIRST LOOK · Roger Allan Tiny Dual-Axis MEMS Inclinometer Simplifies Industrial Measurements DESIGN SOLUTION · Ron Warner, Lattice Semiconductor Corp. A Low-Power FPGA Solution For GPON Burst-Mode Receivers IDEAS FOR DESIGN Alarm Sequencer Tells Process Operator Where To Look First · Vishesh Kalra, Vellore Institute of Technology Talk To Multiple Devices With One UART · Gaurang Kavaiya, Microchip Technology Inc. CLASSIC IDEAS FOR DESIGN Self-Powered Dummy Load Checks Out Multiple-Output Power Supplies · Tommaso Toffoli, ECE Department, Boston University EEPN In Electronic Design These Touchscreen Pushbuttons Push You Right Back · Mat Dirjish What's Hot? Try A New Capacitor Technology, Isolation Transformers, And Displays · Mat Dirjish
THE INDUSTRY · Kristina Fiore Companies Revamp Read-Heads For Multi-Terabyte Storage ANALOG & POWER · Don Tuite Transimpedance Amplifier With AGC Targets 803.3aq Applications DIGITAL · Daniel Harris Signal Integrity Gets The Plug & Play Treatment TEST · Louis E. Frenzel Oscilloscope Combines Logic Analyzer With Ease Of Use For Better Debugging EDA · David Maliniak A Pioneering ESL Vendor Readies Its Second-Generation Toolset COLUMNSSPONSORED EDITORIAL EDITORIAL · Joseph Desposito Putting Data-Center Power In Perspective PEASE PORRIDGE · Bob Pease Bob's Mailbox POINT OF VIEW · Todd R. Miller, Jones Day Patent Litigation Has Doubled And Will Double Again Over The Next Decade DESIGN FAQs · Don Tuite Op-Amp Noise DESIGN FAQs · William Wong Compact Tracing With 32-Bit Microcontrollers
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