Eighth Brick Vies For POL Packaging Standard

March 17, 2003
25-A nonisolated dc-dc converters employ industry-standard footprint but novel printout.

The LEN series of nonisolated dc-dc converters will now appear in the eighth-brick package, a format normally associated with isolated converters. By introducing point-of-load (POL) dc-dc converters as eighth bricks, Datel Inc. presents another option for standardizing POL packaging.

Nonisolated converters, sometimes simply called POLs, are growing more important in distributed power architectures, particularly those employing an isolated, intermediate voltage bus at 12 V and lower. Nevertheless, a lack of packaging standards for footprints and pinouts often makes second sourcing of POLs difficult.

Datel's LEN series consists of 25-A dc-dc converters that convert a 12-V input to a 0.8- to 5-V output. Though the footprint is that of the standard eighth brick, the pinout is not. The converters contain extra output and common pins on the output connector, causing the output voltage trim pin to be moved to the input connector. The output and common pins are "interdigitated," or alternated, to ease the placement of external decoupling capacitors for fast transient response. A current-sharing pin has also been provided.

Pricing is $29 in OEM quantities.

Datel Inc.

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