LEDs in a tube

June 24, 2009
A T8 LED tube which can be incorporated in applications such as cove lighting, refrigeration and retail displays.

A T8 LED tube can be incorporated into applications such as cove lighting, refrigeration and retail displays. This 24V T8 LED Light Tube distributes an even light pattern of 180º concentrating all of the light output onto the surface being illuminated. Unlike other LED light solutions on the market, the Marktech LED T8s illuminate with a uniform 4000 K neutral white light that leaves no hot spots or dark areas.

The long lifetimes associated with LED components virtually eliminate the need for maintenance while reducing power consumption 50% on average compared with traditional fluorescent bulbs. The company says LEDs in refrigerated case lighting have a tremendous advantage over fluorescent lighting. LEDs inherently thrive in cold conditions and emit a constant light output as opposed to fluorescent bulbs which can dim as much as 30% in the same conditions.

Low heat is another touted benefit of LED lighting, reducing the stress on the cooling components within the cooler unit. “Merchandisers and store owners will notice a distinct improvement in the display of their products because our LED T8s illuminate with a uniform white light that eliminates glare and shadowed areas,” says Mark Campito, CEO of Marktech LED Lighting Products.

Marktech offers T8 lighting kits designed for easy installation into supermarket reach-in coolers. For more information on T8 LED Light Tubes (http://www.marktechledlighting.com/t8-led-lighting-tube.aspx) visit the website at www.marktechledlighting.com or call 800.984.5337 to speak with a technical sales representative.

Marktech Optoelectronics 3 Northway Lane North Latham, New York 12110

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